GenTek™ Angulated Screw Channel TiBases

Get restorative flexibility, efficiency and strength.

The only genuine connection TiBase for Zimmer Biomet Dental‘s implant systems Certain, Eztetic, TSV and Trabecular Metal, now for angled screw access channel restorations. Achieve efficiency to your CAD/CAM restoration workflow with a singular TiBase that provides flexibility of channel angulation, adjustable post height options, and better restorative strength with thicker post walls.

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Enabled angles for versatility

Position the angled screw channel anywhere from 0 to 25 for improved aesthetics in anterior cases and for better access in
challenging inter-arch spaces.

Flexible post height for the body

Singular TiBase provide various post height options to provide individualize solutions. Possible heights: 12 mm, 8.5 mm, 6.5 mm, 4.5 mm

Multi-unit cases unlocked

GenTek™ Angulated Screw Channel TiBases are also available for multi-unit cases. The non-engaging connection allows for the freedom of rotation ideal for making multi-unit bridges.

Anti-rotation feature

Three continuous anti-rotation notches over the entire length of the post, ensures better centering and greatly reduces rotational movement of the crown to TiBase.

Added strength on wider platforms

Different than other TiBase type abutments on the market, the post wall of the GenTek™ Angulated Screw Channel TiBases prove a slim sleek design for smaller implant platforms and a thicker post wall for the larger implant platforms, allowing for added straighten and stability.


Available for Zimmer Biomet Dental‘s implant systems Certain, Eztetic, TSV and Trabecular Metal.

Hexalobular screwdrivers and screws

Screwdrivers now feature a hexalobular design to allow for universal use, regardless of Zimmer Biomet Dental implant connection. Screwdrivers are available in 3 different lengths, to accommodate a wide range of cases, and included a designed in groove for dental silicon ring placement for easier length identification. Screws now contain a new hexalobe design to be used in conjunction with the drivers.

NEW, patent-pending Pop-Up with Friction-Fit Technology for TSV, Trabecular Metal and Eztetic Implant Systems

No removal tool required while maintaining our Friction-Fit technology on angulated prosthetic solutions.
The Pop-Up feature ensures that the TiBase can be removed. The new offset-screw pushes the TiBase out of the implant during the unscrewing process.
TiBase with standard Friction-Fit, ensure a stable fitting in implant also with angulated prosthetic solutions