June 17, 2019

Solutions for dental practices

Solutions for dental practices

Hardware and software

Zfx Italia offers a wide choice of hardware and software for the dentalpractice and follows its customers from sales to training and support.

Zfx Intrascan

3M True Definition

iTero® Element™

The use of the correct technology allows to speed up and optimize theworkings of a dental office. The biggest challenge for those enteringthe digital world is to understand which is the best solution for theirneeds.

That’s why we at Zfx Italia are here to guide you and help you choosethe best solution for your needs.

Production services

Zfx Italia offers a variety of services to its customers, in particular to dental practices it can offer:

Digital Model Production

Production of surgical templates

Implant Case Planning

Modeling and milling of semi-finished products from fingerprints

Our Zfx Italia milling centre is equipped with the best technologiesand always keeps up with the times, offering high quality services andproducts.

Training in the digital world

Zfx Italia offers refresher courses and training courses

Zfx Intrascan Scanning Courses

Design courses Digital Models

Corsi di progettazione Modelli Digitali

Why buy equipment with great potential and then leave it at astandstill or to use 10% of their capacity?

Our experts can train you and help you learn how to use these machines 100%.