Zfx Encode® Converter

Exclusive software module for Zfx™ Evolution (plus+) users: New Encode® Converter for the production of Zimmer Biomet Abutments!

There is exciting news for users of the desktop scanners Zfx™ Evolution and Zfx™ Evolution plus+: An exclusive software module – the Encode® Converter – is now available. This design software add-on enables the user to decode 3D information from Zimmer Biomet BellaTek® Encode® Healing Abutments. Based on this information, individual abutments and prosthetics can be designed inlab and finally milled e.g. at a Zfx™ Milling Center.

The BellaTek® Encode® Impression System is available for the Zimmer Biomet Certain® Implant system. Its major benefit is in the Healing abutment which also serves as an impression coping/scan body and thus eliminates the need for multiple abutment swaps.

This is enabled by specific codes in the occlusal abutment surface. They contain information about the implant position, the abutment diameter and height and the emergence profile. This data can now be decoded by users of the Encode® Converter. The module is simply activated by use of ENCOINS obtained at Zfx™ Milling Centers and used to decode the STL model files generated from conventional or digital impressions. Details required for the abutment are then displayed automatically and, based on this information, the individual abutment and prosthetic can be designed by the technician. If the abutment and prosthetic work is produced at a Zfx™ Milling Center or Authorized Milling Lab, the user benefits from a discount at the value of the ENCOINS spent for decoding. Additional benefits arise from the use of genuine Zfx Components and the option of ordering physical models as well.

For the computer-aided production of physical models, the Zfx™ Digital-intraModel System comes into play: It is composed of a software module used to define the emergence profile, segment the model and adjust the friction between model and base plates, and the corresponding reusable base plates, pins and an intercuspidator.